Chanel Sunglasses at Seventeen The Opticians of Surrey

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Chanel Sunglasses The Chanel Sunglasses collection is categorised into the following collections. Matelasse (Quilted Designs) Classic and Identifiable At the end of the 1920s Gabrielle Chanel was inspired by the quilted pattern of the horse blankets and used it to decorate her cushions in her Rue Cambon apartment. She then applied this code to the famous 2.55 handbag which remains an emblem of the brand today. Camelia (Rose Designs) Pure, Feminine and Romantic The Camellia or thornless rose has been endowed with magic powers throughout the ages. It is thought to arouse the senses with intense emotion and love. Mademoiselle Chanel launched the Camelli design in 1932 the same year as her famous and unique jewellery collection Bijoux de Diamants. Perle (Pearl Designs) Precious and Elegant Mademoiselle Chanel adored pearls round or baroque worn on a Byzantine cross or on a shoe strap. White pearls incarnate the very style of Chanel. CC (Coco Chanel Designs) Emblematic and Glamorous The interlaced double CC brings Gabrielle Chanel’s nickname to mind, ‘Coco’ Chanel that dates from 1905. Chanel (Chanel Designs) Discreet and Varied An emblematic sign of Chanel Chaine (Chain Designs) Innovative and Refined A subtle idea from Mademoiselle Chanel who hemmed the bottom of her jackets with a thin chain to ensure the perfect drape and line. Subsequently to avoid losing her handbags she attached chains and wore them over the shoulder. Brand: Chanel Model: CC 5151B Be the Best with Chanel Eyewear Do you feel strongly about fashion eyewear? So do we. Here at we feel that Chanel eyeglasses are the ultimate in luxury fashion eyewear and we know that after browsing through out latest Chanel collection, you will be sure to agree. Chanel eyeglasses combine the elegance of style with their simple and sublime designs. The optical frame offered by Chanel eyewear is like no other. The feel of extravagance is delectably accessible in every pair of fashionable Chanel eyewear that we offer. One look at our latest authentic Chanel collection will persuade you of their complete magnificence in that elusive combination of style and...

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New products for 2010 at SEVENTEEN THE OPTICIANS

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How exciting, we are proud to say we are going to be one of the first stores in the UK to stock an AMAZING new brand……Monoqool. About Monoqool In 2008, MONOQOOL was established north of Copenhagen by two Danes, whose vision was to bring new technology, design, and fashion to the modern eyewear industry. Their mission is to use the best from both worlds: to combine Danish design and an innovative mindset with Japanese craftsmanship and technology. Both owners have a life time experience doing business in both countries and one of them is still living in Japan with the responsibility for manufacturing. The idea behind MONOQOOL was to create something new. The result was two new concepts: the Helix series with its patented signature hinge and the Twins series with a three dimensional effect provided by its inventive double temples. please visit:...

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Mykita @ Seventeen The Opticians for 2010

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To all Bernhard Willhelm fans: there’s a 10 year retrospective of the designer’s work on at the Groninger Museum in The Netherlands. In the course of these ten years, Willhelm and Kraus have realized more than 30 collections. The exhibition will offer an extensive selection from these, with both men’s and women’s wear. Willhelm and Kraus’s unconventional fashion is characterized by an outspoken visual language in which they give expression to the grotesque, the childish and the fantastic, which they transform and combine in an unparalleled way with elements from pop culture and haute couture. The outfits are presented in an associative and intuitive way, in exceptional tableaux that highlight and contextualize the background and inspiration of the designers. The fashion designers invited Zana Bosnjak, a scenographer who lives in Berlin, to take charge of the art direction of this exhibition. Bernhard Willhelm & Jutta Kraus Groninger Museum (Netherlands) 13 December 2009 – 11 April 2010 MYKITA Model JANIS Pictures courtesy of J. Moscatelli link to the museum: Movie poster for SATC2 As featured in latest issue of 10...

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Sarah Jessica Parker in Mykita Sunglasses

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Sarah Jessica Parker in Mykita Sarah Jessica Parker wears Mykita & Bernhard Willhelm sunglasses in Sex and the City 2 movie Yes, perhaps the hottest pair of sunglasses for 2010 (as featured here in an earlyMykita eyewear sunglasses post) could well be the Flash aviators by Mykita and Bernard Willhelm. This could have happened anyway but, now SJP is wearing them in one of the early scenes to be shot of the Sex and the City movie sequel, it’s looking a bit of a...

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