Chanel Sunglasses at Seventeen The Opticians of Surrey

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Chanel Sunglasses The Chanel Sunglasses collection is categorised into the following collections. Matelasse (Quilted Designs) Classic and Identifiable At the end of the 1920s Gabrielle Chanel was inspired by the quilted pattern of the horse blankets and used it to decorate her cushions in her Rue Cambon apartment. She then applied this code to the famous 2.55 handbag which remains an emblem of the brand today. Camelia (Rose Designs) Pure, Feminine and Romantic The Camellia...

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New products for 2010 at SEVENTEEN THE OPTICIANS

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How exciting, we are proud to say we are going to be one of the first stores in the UK to stock an AMAZING new brand……Monoqool. About Monoqool In 2008, MONOQOOL was established north of Copenhagen by two Danes, whose vision was to bring new technology, design, and fashion to the modern eyewear industry. Their mission is to use the best from both worlds: to combine Danish design and an innovative mindset with Japanese craftsmanship and technology. Both owners...

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