Lindberg Eyewear

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LINDBERG SPIRIT, the best rimless frames in the world.

LINDBERG Spirit is the result of LINDBERG’s long standing experience with the development and production of ultra-light titanium wire spectacles which started in 1985 with the classic AIR Titanium rimless frame, the world’s most complete frame-building system which is still being produced.

On the basis of our underlying principles about always designing spectacle frames with the greatest possible wearer comfort and which are created on the basis of Poul-Jorn Lindberg’s motto: ” one must see the face, not the spectacles” , we now have a wire frame weighing 1.9 grams which is comfortable, resilient, strong and aesthetically pleasing.

SPIRIT is the natural result of the requirements being placed on rimless eyewear in 2004. By using the latest high index lens technology, the lens thickness can be reduced to a minimum, and the lastest titanium types combined with laser technology allow designers to create a super-slimline minimalist frame, completely in keeping with the spirit of the times.

The colors are a chapter in themselves. The well-known matte LINDBERG colors have been joined by a similar range of semi-polished colors which together with selected Unica colors make up an exceptionally wide color palette.

The unique mounting system, which uses high-tech UV adhesive tackles the classic nuisance with rimless spectacles: metal parts in the field of vision !

The minimalist mounting method together with high index lenses complement each other perfectly, ensuring optimal vision and previously unseen strength.

The newly developed nosepads and hockey ends made of medical silicone ensure that, following correct adjustements, the spectacles sit easily, comfortably and securely on the nose and behind the ears.

Any shape, any size, you can even design your own lens shape.